Saturday, July 11, 2009

7 weeks of the CSA

Here's a recap (more or less) of the first 7 weeks from Clagett Farm's CSA. They send an email to members just before the first pickups of the week. It's been slightly different once you get there, but this gives a good snapshot!

Week 1:
1 bunch garlic scallions
1 bunch flowers or herbs(probably a choice of chives, oregano, mint, lemon balm and sage)
leaf lettuce (1/2 pound)
other greens (1/4 pound of spicy salad mix, arugula or baby kale--your pick-up will probably have only one of these, but you will get it all eventually)
Strawberries (1 pint)
3 seedlings (options include tomatoes, peppers, chives, basil, and more)
popcorn (1/2 cup)
arugula or rhubarb (choose one bunch)

Week 2:
It appears I deleted the email. I do remember it was pretty similar to week 1 - lots of greens, and some more seedlings.

Strawberries join the "you-pick" list this week.

Week 3:
1/3 pound lettuce
2 pounds kale
1/2 pound hakurei turnips, radishes OR 1 kohlrabi
1/3 pound bok choi
3/4 pounds garlic scapes
1/4 pound greens or some other small item, depending on
your pick-up site

Week 4
1/2 pound total: lettuce and kale
1 pound total: kale + collards
1.25 pounds total: kohlrabi + hakurei turnips + radishes
1/2 pound carrots
1/4 pound garlic scapes
1/2 pound total which varies depending on pick up site, including rhubarb, zucchini, herbs and spinach

Also this week, lettuce, kale and spinach join the "you-pick" list.

Week 5
3 pounds total: kohlrabi + turnips
1/2 pound carrots
1 zucchini
3/4 pound peas (choice of sugar snap and snow peas!)
all you want garlic scapes
3/4 pound total: lettuce and chard
3/4 pound total: kale and collards

Lettuce and kale still on the "you-pick" list.

Week 6
(I missed this week due to vacation, so I picked up a double share on week 7)
1 fresh garlic bulb
1 small bunch of green onions
2 pounds total: kohlbari + turnips
1/2 pound peas
1/4 pound lettuce
1/2 pound kale
1 head cabbage or 1 pound carrots

Lettuce and kale still on the "you-pick" list.

Week 7
1 head fresh garlic
1 head cabbage (red or green) or 1 lb summer squash
1 1/4 pounds purple top turnips
3/4 pound total: kale, collards or swiss chard
1/4 pound total: lettuce, peas or broccoli

Last chance for kale and collards on the "you-pick" list.

Week 7 in reality was a little different than the above list - I ended up with zucchini, cabbage, beans and garlic.

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