Saturday, February 20, 2010

Moving forward

Yesterday I dropped by the mall at lunchtime with a coworker. The food court has become an almost regular workday lunchtime choice, something I don't like but don't seem to be doing anything about. It's counter to almost everything I'm trying to do in my outside work life... But yet, I found myself there yesterday regardless. She wanted to run into Sephora for something quickly. I avoid the mall for the most part. I'm a reformed shopper, I try to only buy things that I need... and being in the mall, I usually buy something on a whim. Lo and behold, I had my eye on some perfume. I don't remember the last time I wore it or that I bought it for myself. Oh, but it was so lovely. And, it just so happened that I had realized my lack of perfume a couple days ago, and thought I should probably buy some at some point. This usually results in the perfect storm of spendy behavior... but I managed to resist. Yes, I can afford a $60 bottle of perfume, but there are usually much, much better things to do with our money. I figured I'd try to find it online for cheaper this weekend.

So, instead, I was reading through some of my blogs this morning, and stumbled upon a recent EcoGrrl post discussing composting. Worm composting. I happened to have an Amazon gift certificate (my love of Amazon cannot be contained) and ordered one up! This one. I'll have to start the shed reorganization project to make room for it. Even though they say you can store these units in your house because there's no smell, I can't quite get Jay on board, and I do need a place that's a little insulated from the elements. (Our backyard is still quite cold and snow-covered.) I haven't researched or ordered my worm friends yet, that will be the next step. I'd like to get the unit here and set up first.

And then I accidentally stumbled upon Amazon's pre-spring patio sale. Seriously, it was an accident! They had something I've never seen before - a significant discount on the Aerogarden. I've wanted one of these babies for YEARS. I've actually had a catalog that's sitting within arm's reach on my desk for months. But I couldn't justify the cost for something that's usually very easy to either grow yourself or buy. But at a 60% discount? Yeah, baby. Bring it on!

One last thing? One that I didn't buy and maybe never will... but would completely fit the bill for the chicken project? Let me present the eglu:

Pic from
Yes, please.

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